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Anas Coccinum H17 Oti 6x1,6g

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Anas Coccinum H17 Oti Homeopathic Remedy

Oral mucosal globules

Fundamental multipurpose compound with both preventive (during the period of flu risk) and curative action (as a first intervention to be taken immediately at the very first symptoms even if indefinable and of dubious expression).

How to use

Prevention : 1 single dose every 7 days from October to March. The association with IVER 200CH is useful, alternating the remedy every other week, for the entire period of flu risk.

At the first symptoms : 1 single dose every 4 hours for 2 days.

Full- blown phase : 1 single dose every 3 hours until symptom remission (continue this therapy for 2 days).


Anas barbarie hepatis et cordis extractum 200DH • Echinacea angustifolia 6DH - 10DH - 18DH • Eupatorium perfoliatum 8DH • Spleen 8DH - 12DH - 30DH - 200DH • Uncaria tomentosa 6DH - 8DH - 12DH • Vincetoxicum 8DH Excipients: lactose monohydrate.


Pack with 6 containers containing 1.6g globules.