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  • Apple Banana Mellin 2x100g

Apple Banana Mellin 2x100g

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Apple Banana Mellin - Baby food

Baby food.
Indicated from the 4th month completed, unless otherwise advised by the pediatrician.

It does not contain gluten.

By choosing Mellin, you choose PreciNutri ®, the exclusive program that seeks NUTRITIONAL PRECISION in its products, to meet the specific needs of your child at every stage of his growth.


Apple puree (40%) Banana puree (28%), water, corn starch, lemon juice, vitamin C.

How to prepare and store

TO COMPLETE THE MEAL OR AS OUT OF MEAL AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY: start with a few teaspoons of baby food, gradually moving to a whole jar as indicated by the pediatrician. It is recommended to use a plastic spoon. If the jar is not completely used, it must be closed, kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours.

Nutritional table

Average nutritional values per 100 g % reference value *
Power kJ 212
kcal 50
Fat g 0.1
of which saturated fatty acids g 0
Carbohydrates (pd) g 11
of which sugars g 8.4
Fibers g 1.0
Proteins g 0.4
Salt not sup. to g 0.01
C vitamin mg 30 120%

The salt value indicated in the table is exclusively due to the sodium naturally contained in the ingredients.

* Presidential Decree No. 128 of 7 April 1999


Pack of 2 jars of 100 g.