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  • Avd Mirabilis Olivio Food Supplement 50ml

Avd Mirabilis Olivio Food Supplement 50ml

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Mirabilis Olivio

Dietary supplement


Olivio mirabilis is a hydroalcoholic extract based on plants, such as Olive and Hawthorn, traditionally used for their hypotensive and vasodilating action, which favors the maintenance of vascular trophism, helping to regulate blood pressure.


  • Olive leaves ES
  • Viscum album leaves
  • Hawthorn flowers and leaves
  • Fumitory plant
  • Orthosiphon leaves

Component properties:

  • Olive leaves ES : hypotensor, vasodilator, antiatherosclerotic, antiplethoric
  • Viscum album leaves : hypotensive and cholesterol-lowering activity
  • Hawthorn flowers and leaves : sedative, antispasmodic, pressure regulator
  • Fumitory plant : spasms of the gallbladder, biliary tract, purifying
  • Orthosiphon leaves : diuretic

How to use:

30-40 drops, in the evening before bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach. Increase or decrease doses as needed.


50 ml bottle with dropper