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Causticum 200K Boiron® Globules

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Causticum 200K Boiron® Homeopathic Medicine

Causticum is a complex chemical substance obtained by Hahnemann through a distillation of a mixture of slaked lime and potassium bisulfate.


The medicine is useful for treating problems following prolonged pain, lack of sleep, muscle fatigue with paralysis.

Main indications

Causticum is indicated at a neurological level to treat facial paralysis, called "a frigore", eyelid ptosis after ophthalmic herpes, laryngitis with aphonia due to pathologies of viral origin or subsequent to vocal efforts, stress urinary incontinence. It acts on the skin on under-nail or facial warts, on oozing eczema, on senile itching. At a rheumatological level it also has a positive effect on the treatment of tendonitis, of having too short joints, on muscle contractures such as the scribe's cramp, on coxarthrosis with dislocation pains.

Psychological characteristics of the patient and appearance

Individual, both child and adult, with a pale or yellowish complexion, thin, dry and with an emaciated face. As a child he suffers from fear of the dark and suffers from bedwetting while as an adult he is impressionable, hypersensitive and distracted. The elderly, with a change in character following a hemiplegic stroke or other circulatory problems, may present with quarrelsome and vindictive irritability.

Characteristic symptoms and modalities

Paroxysmal or stabbing pains in the muscles and joints; general weakness, both physical and mental, or localized, with tremors of the limbs. Sensation of excoriation and open sore at the level of the mucous membranes, burning sensation and soreness of the skin. Worsening of symptoms: pains with dry cold and dry wind, cough passing from cold to heat and around 3 am, sensorineural symptoms at dusk. Improvement in heat, wet and rainy weather, drinking cold water (cough).


To treat facial paralysis, eyelid ptosis, laryngitis with aphonia it is useful to administer 5 granules at a 15 CH dilution two to four times a day, from the onset of symptoms and thinning based on improvement. To treat warts under the nails or on the face, oozing eczema, senile itching, 5 granules are indicated at a 9 CH dilution to be taken more or less frequently in relation to the improvement of itching or burning pain. For tendinitis, contractures and coxarthrosis it is useful to administer a 15 CH dilution two to four times a day. For the problems of excessive impressionability in the child such as fear of the dark and for the anxiety and hypersensitivity of the adult, take a single dose weekly 30 CH.


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