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  • Cemon Unda Nux Vomica 9Ch Granules 6g -12%

Cemon Unda Nux Vomica 9Ch Granules 6g

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Nux Vomica 9Ch

Homeopathic product in centesimal dilution used for the treatment of hyperesthesia of all senses, neuralgia, biliary colic, hypertrophic liver, dyspepsia, acute gastritis, spastic constipation, spastic colitis, diarrhea with vomiting, halitosis, hemorrhoids, migraine, sciatica, rheumatism of the large joints, arterial hypertension, dysmenorrhea, excessive erections, colds, hoarseness, asthma, cough, sore throat, cystitis.

How to use: 3 granules three times a day.