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  • Clorexyderm® Solution 4% ICF 250ml -23%

Clorexyderm® Solution 4% ICF 250ml

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Clorexyderm® Solution 4% ICF For Dog And Cat

Clorexyderm SOLUTION 4%

  • adjuvant of shampoo-therapy in the course of deep pyoderma, dermatitis of the skin folds and dermatophytosis;
  • skin disinfectant with humectant and emollient action;
  • disinfectant for the surgical asepsis of the patient and the surgeon;
  • detergent and disinfectant for cleaning otoscopic cones.


  • Clorexyderm Solution 4% has an antimicrobial action (bacteria, dermatophytosis and yeasts) it is not inactive in the presence of pus and organic material.
  • Propylene glycol provides a humectant action.
  • Glycerin and lanolin have a humectant and moisturizing action.
  • Active against microorganisms sensitive to chlorhexidine.


4% gluconate chlorhexidine; propylene glycol; glycerine; lanolin.


Pack of 250 ml.