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Compeed® Corn Patches 6 Patches

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Compeed® Corn Patches Hydrocolloid Patches With Salicylic Acid

COMPEED® Corn Plasters to aid callus removal combines the benefits of hydrocolloid technology with a salicylic acid pad.

Hydrocolloid technology creates an optimal environment for callus softening and protection, while salicylic acid helps dissolve the callus by speeding up the removal process.


  • With salicylic acid disc.
  • Helps remove calluses from the toes and sole of the foot.
  • The patch's hydrocolloid technology allows for softening of the callus.

How to use

Warm Compeed with the palm of your hand for one minute before and after application. Apply Compeed to clean, dry skin by placing the center of the patch on the callus. Leave applied for two days, remove the softened skin.


Pack with 6 discs.