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  • Convatec System 2s 10 Ileostomy Bags Opaque 70mm -9%

Convatec System 2s 10 Ileostomy Bags Opaque 70mm

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2S system


ostomy bag.

the coupling flange allows a hermetic closure between bag and plate, perceptible with an audible "click".
The plates with moldable technology, particularly suitable in the case of liquid effluent, embrace the contour of the stoma in a personalized way and do not require the use of scissors.
The open bottom bags can be emptied as needed.
Standard bag 30.5 cm, without filter, closing system with clamp, opaque color and with flange of different sizes:
- 32 mm;
- 38 mm;
- 45 mm;
- 57 mm;
- 70 mm.

Cod. 8523/8524/8525/8526/8527