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  • Delicate Bath Babygella 500ml -27%
  • Delicate Bath Babygella 500ml

Delicate Bath Babygella 500ml

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Delicate Babygella Bath For Baby's Skin

For the daily cleansing of the baby, the cleansing and restorative action of Babygella delicate bath.

What does he do

Babygella delicate bath thanks to the high lipid component and the conditioning extracts of cotton present in its formulation - ensures a deep cleansing action while restoring the hydrolipidic film even in case of frequent washing, especially in the diaper area.

The product can be used pure or diluted in the bath water. However, it is important to rinse thoroughly.

It is good to know that

  • it is paraben free
  • it is allergen free
  • it is at physiological pH
  • is dermatologically tested

How to use Babygella delicate bath

  • The product can be used pure or diluted in the bath water
  • Rinse thoroughly

Where do I find Babygella delicate bathroom

in a 250 ml bottle and in a 500 ml bottle with dispenser, on sale in pharmacies and specialized stores.

Discover Babygella, the product line that takes care of your baby's skin

Babygella has been with you and your son, from his first day of life: because it is the line that takes care of the delicate skin of the baby, partner of the Italian Maternities, who adopt it in the ward for new mothers and their babies.

An experience that turns 30 today , in contact with pediatricians, mothers and babies, in offering the best cleansing , treatment and protection solutions for your child's delicate skin.

With the expertise gained over the years, Babygella has developed a true pursuit of excellence , developing advanced and specific formulations, which boast numerous relevant differences, in particular:

  • exclusive active ingredients
  • mild cleaning agents (surfactants)
  • pleasant textures , vehicle of effectiveness.

Babygella Is Different, Here's Why!

Exclusive, effective, balanced principles.
Babygella research strives every day to find unique active ingredients, in terms of efficacy, purity and tolerability. Extracts of Sage, Chamomile, Cotton, soothing, toning, softening. Rice Oil, Beeswax, Carrot extracts, for their lipid content: these are just some of the exclusive principles contained in Babygella products. Like the new generation surfactants, now more delicate than ever, or the new colloidal silver with high antimicrobial power, while 100% parabens or allergens are excluded. To ensure effective and always balanced action.

New generation surfactants.
Babygella cleansing products contain particularly delicate surfactants, designed to ensure a high affinity with the still thin and fragile hydrolipidic film (or epicutaneous film ) of the newborn, which could be removed by frequent and aggressive washing. Extracts of almond oil, cotton seeds or honey derivatives are some of the Babygella surfactants that allow you to maintain the physiological pH, preserve hydration, make sebum-restoring components, often combining an emollient action.

Pleasant textures that optimize effectiveness.
Bath Oil, Cleansing Milk, Oil Shampoo, Creams and Pastes: the development of increasingly effective products has led Babygella research to study the application technologies and the most suitable textures (textures) for each product. Thus formulations are born that are able to optimize the effectiveness of the active principle, by release, absorption, persistence of action. Without forgetting the extreme pleasantness on the skin, at any time of the day.

Due to the quality and rigor of the formulations, Babygella is sold only in pharmacies and parapharmacies .


500 ml bottle packaging.