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  • Diurfito So.Gi. Pharma 60 Tablets 500mg -15%
  • Diurfito So.Gi. Pharma 60 Tablets 500mg

Diurfito So.Gi. Pharma 60 Tablets 500mg

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Diurfito So.Gi. Pharma Food Supplement

Food supplement based on plant components, capable of promoting the physiological elimination of excess fluids.

Remedy against water retention.

Diurfito is an excellent natural diuretic, recommended for the treatment of cellulite, with a mild anti-inflammatory action of the urinary tract so it can be administered for long treatments.


Ortosiphon has diuretic properties, activating the functionality of the kidney and the more or less complete dissolution of cholesterol deposits.

Birch has an important diuretic action capable of reducing albuminuria, calming dyspnea and increasing the volume of urinary secretion without causing irritation. Promotes the elimination of uric acid and, in part, also of cholesterol which would be followed by the reabsorption of the fibroconnective nodules; it is therefore advisable to use it in the treatment of cellulite.

Linden is used for diseases of the biliary tract and in particular on the so-called hepatic insufficiency syndrome (dyspepsia, headache etc.) and in addition a moderating action of choleresis and blood thinning.

Pineapple is considered a good diuretic.

To conclude, we can affirm that the associated use of Ortosiphon, Birch, Lime Sapwood and Pineapple make "Diurfito" an excellent diuretic product with an anti-inflammatory action.

The product contains: Ortosiphon, Pineapple (fruit), Birch, Linden sapwood.


Three tablets a day between meals.


Carton pack with 60 tablets of 500 mg.