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Flor Intoller 1bev Stv

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Flor Intollerance


it acts favorably on the physiological functions performed by the entire digestive tract and in particular on the balance between the assimilation phase and the elimination phase. Symbiotic action that tends to favor the growth of "friendly" bacteria present in the intestine. The combined use of the three products of the FlorIntollerance Line tends to promote the balance between assimilation and elimination.

How to use:
1 tablespoon 2 or 3 times a day, before main meals. Children under 10, 1 tablespoon in the evening before bedtime. It can be diluted in any drink.

concentrate of plant and vegetable infusions (carrot; nettle; grass pollen; flower pollen; plantain; angelica; yarrow; fennel; mallow; hawthorn flowers; horsetail; juniper; orange bark; dog rose; cascarilla.); grape juice; honey; lemon juice.