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Glyzeta Canova® Skin Care 50ml

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Glyzeta Canova® Skin Care Emulsion Acne-prone Skin

Specific treatment for impure and acne-prone skin .

Thanks to the presence of azelaic acid, it acts above all by hindering the proliferation of bacteria that colonize oily and impure skin.

How to use

Apply to previously cleansed face (with Aquapil) 1-2 times a day for at least 1-2 months.
Clinical trials of efficacy have shown that evident improvements are obtained with Glyzeta starting from the second week.
In fact, the first is necessary for the exfoliating action of glycolic and salicylic acids to be carried out.
Subsequently, when the corneal barrier is weakened, the amount of azelaic acid increases, which is concentrated in the follicle with consequent appreciation of the clinical results.


aqua; azelaic acid; glycolic acid; ethoxydiglycol; glyceryl isostearate; cetyl phosphate; melaleuca alternifolia; salicylic acid; bisabolol; mineral oil; polyacrylamide.


Pack of 50 ml.