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Gum GUM Brush Toothbrush For Tuft, 308rqb, 1 Ea

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End Tuft

Single tuft toothbrush

At home or at the dentist, it is very important to establish an effective and correct oral care routine to remove bacterial plaque from every point of the oral cavity: to do this and to properly clean the teeth and gums, sometimes more than a normal toothbrush is needed. .

With an extra small head, this toothbrush is designed to cover every single corner of the mouth. The single-tuft toothbrush is able to delicately eliminate food residues and plaque that settle in the gum line and on all hard-to-reach surfaces, guaranteeing more protection than the effectiveness of the traditional toothbrush. For this reason it is advisable to insert the single tuft toothbrush as an additional daily treatment to the normal toothbrush and not as a replacement.

The handle allows a secure and non-slip grip while the soft nylon bristle tuft guarantees a wide, delicate but at the same time effective movement, proving suitable even in situations of discomfort and pain caused by inflamed gums and sensitive teeth.

Furthermore, its softness means that it adapts to any shape of teeth, that it easily penetrates into any space between tooth and that it maintains its effectiveness even in the presence of dental prostheses, bridges and appliances.

In this way, it is possible to carry out a thorough dental care correctly, capable of ensuring a healthy mouth every day, avoiding the onset of caries, caused by bacteria that lurk in the interdental and gum spaces.

Specifically, the use of a single tuft toothbrush is strongly recommended to cleanse the molars, an area notoriously difficult to reach with a normal toothbrush. It is also perfect for cleaning around orthodontic bands (small elastic rings used with some orthodontic appliances) and implants. In addition, it can also be useful in case of special maintenance problems such as furcations, crowns, implants or distals of the last molar.


Extra small head designed to reach every single corner of the mouth
Perfect for cleaning around implants and orthodontic bands
Useful in case of special maintenance problems such as furcations, crowns, implants or the distal surface of the last molar