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GUNA®-Rerio Oral Drops 30ml

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GUNA®-Rerio Oral Drops Homeopathic Medicine Gluten Free

It is a homeopathic medicine formulated based on specific preparations of zebrafish embryos enhanced in 4D dilution with antioxidant action. Indicated for the temporary relief of symptoms caused by debilitating diseases such as: weakness, malaise, loss of stamina.

The Rerio Therapy is based on the use of homogenates of oviparous embryos, genus Zebrafish (Brachidanio rerio L.) taken at specific moments of their development (stage I, stage II, stage III) and homeopathized at dilution D4. Each of the 3 stages is present in different proportions (stage I 70%; stage II 15%; stage III 15%).
Oncological use is based on the observation that during embryogenesis, the exposure of the embryo to carcinogenic substances leads to malformations but never to tumors, which instead occurs at a later stage of gestation, when the embryo is became a fetus. It is interesting to note how the embryonic cell, undifferentiated, does not physiologically deviate from its evolutionary line: it is in fact under the strict control of a biological order.
To exercise this control are regulatory substances encoded by particular genes so-called oncorepressors, most expressed during this embryonic period; at the same time in this phase, the repression of so-called protooncogen genes is also maximum.
The tumor cell, on the other hand, is a cell form that from differentiated has regressed into a primitive and non-differentiated form. In this phase, the Oncogenes are fully expressed and the Oncorepressors are most inhibited. Consequently, the regulatory substances of cell differentiation expressed during the period of embryonic development can instruct the dedifferentiated tumor cells and restore them to a correct state of differentiation.
The objective of the Rerio method is to induce the activation of specific gene sites with antioncogenic action.

How to use

It is recommended to take 40 drops in the morning, 40 drops in the afternoon and 40 drops in the evening 15 minutes before meals. Pour in a small amount of water, sip slowly and hold in your mouth before swallowing.

- Children 6-12 years: it is recommended to administer 20 drops three times a day 15 minutes before meals.

- Children up to 6 years: it is recommended to administer 5-10 drops three times a day 15 minutes before meals.


Do not administer during pregnancy and lactation.

The effectiveness of a homeopathic preparation can be adversely affected by the intake of spicy foods, products containing mint and the use of exciting substances.

The use of homeopathic medicines can temporarily aggravate ailments (initial aggravation). If this aggravation persists, you should stop taking (or applying) the product and inform your doctor or pharmacist.


Homogenate of Zebrafish embryos (Brachidanio rerio L.). Stage I (70%), stage II (15%), stage III (15%). 30% alcohol.


30ml dropper bottle.