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Klorane Chamomile Shampoo 200ml

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Chamomile Shampoo Klorane Blond Reflections

Shampoo and treatments with Klorane chamomile extract to give golden reflections to the hair.

Is your hair blonde or light brown? Do you want to regain brightness and revive blonde highlights in a natural way? With the KLORANE line of treatments with chamomile extract, your blond hair will gradually lighten and light up with golden reflections. Chamomile extract has been recognized for generations for its natural lightening qualities.

Brightening and illuminating color brilliance


Thanks to the KLORANE chamomile extract contained in the extremely delicate emulsifying base of this shampoo, the hair is lightened: the apigenin, contained in the extract, is fixed on the hair fiber, covering the scales without penetrating into the heart of the hair, and gives progressively beautiful blond and golden highlights.

How to use

One application is enough. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. The delicate formula of this shampoo allows daily use for the whole family. Free of synthetic dyes or bleaches, it restores brightness and splendor to the hair, rekindling its color naturally.


200ml bottle.