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  • Korrector® PeloCute Formevet® 220ml -24%

Korrector® PeloCute Formevet® 220ml

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Korrector® PeloCute Formevet® Complementary Food For Dog And Cat

For maintaining healthy skin and a beautiful and shiny coat.

Highly palatable.

It is also indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of dermatological diseases of various origins (allergic, infectious, parasitic, dysmetabolic).

How to use

Shake the bottle vigorously, fill according to the recommended doses, 1 or more coffee spoons with KORRECTOR PELO-CUTE and pour into the bowl of your dog or cat, mixing them carefully with the food it contains:

  • Puppy = 1-5;
  • Small dog (1-10 kg) = 1-2;
  • Medium-sized dog (1-25 kg) = 2-3;
  • Large dog (> 25 kg) = 3 and more;
  • Cat = 1.


Vitamin a 800,000 ui, vitamin e (d, l, a-tocopherol), vitamin h (biotin), vitaminab1, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, vitamin pp, zinc (zinc oxide), selenium (selenite disodium), l-methionine , l-arginine, taurine, soy lecithin; it also contains 1: 4 concentrated extract of milk thistle and millet. support consisting of natural hydrolysatoprotein of chicken in corn oil.


220ml bottle.