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Locker Remedia Arnica Comp Gel Dhu 50g

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Arnica comp gel schwabe what is it for?

Therapeutic indications
muscle and joint injuries, strains, sprains, bruises, dislocations, sprains, bruises, swelling of the soft parts following trauma or surgery, acne.

How to use the product
The product must be applied in a very simple way, just apply the gel with a light massage on the affected part several times a day.

Specific characteristics of arnica comp gel schwabe
exerts its action in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries, of functional limitation of movement when it is caused by pain and swelling. Increases skin and muscle circulation; it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action; promotes the resorption and healing of hematomas due to contusions and reduces swelling of tissues and inflammatory processes.

Warnings and possible contraindication deriving from the product
in hypersensitive patients who cannot tolerate arnica, an itchy erythema may appear in the place where the application has been made, which disappears immediately after the interruption of treatment. It is advisable to avoid the application of arnica-based ointment or gel in the presence of open wounds, in order to avoid possible reactions of hypersensitivity and hemorrhages. External use.

Components contained in arnica comp gel schwabe
Arnica, calendula, Excipients: gel based on alcohols, glycerol and purified water.
Parts used: dried and pulverized root.
Contained substances: etheric oil, tanning substances, catechin.