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  • my Nestlé biscuits 2x180g

my Nestlé biscuits 2x180g

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my Nestlé biscuits - from the 6th month

Nestlé Mio® biscuits have a recipe specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of the child.

For babies from the 6th month on.


  • Calcium , for bone growth and development;
  • Iron , for the function of the immune system;
  • 5 vitamins , for its specific nutritional needs.

Nestlé Mio biscuits contain gluten and are indicated from 6 months, according to the pediatrician's opinion.

They are ideal for breakfast, a snack or other times of the day and can be consumed alone or in addition to milk, fruit juices, tea.


Nestlé Mio Biscuits can be added to bottle milk by shaking well before feeding.

Gradually increase the number of biscuits until you reach the dose of 4-5 biscuits.


The Nestlé Mio Biscuits are packaged in bags of protective material to safeguard their fragrance. For a good preservation of the product, after opening, carefully close the bag and store it in a dry place away from heat sources.


wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, raising agents (ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate) milk proteins, barley malt extract, minerals (calcium, iron), salt, lecithin emulsifier ( soy), flavors, vitamins (PP, pantothenic acid, B1, B6, B2). Contains gluten.


Pack of 2 jars of 180 g.