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  • Professional 27 Duro Tau-Marin 1 Toothbrush -18%

Professional 27 Duro Tau-Marin 1 Toothbrush

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Professional 27 Duro Tau-Marin Toothbrush Hard Bristles

Small head maximum effectiveness

The toothbrush with a small head and maximum effectiveness . All the quality of Scalare 33 with a smaller head for a tau-marin toothbrush capable of reaching even the most difficult areas of your mouth, combining the effectiveness and delicacy of its brush.

Style and functionality

  • straight handle for a correct grip;
  • short head 27 mm, complete cleaning during brushing;
  • bristles of two hardnesses , one removes plaque and the other massages the gums;
  • 15 ° gradual inclination to reach even the most hidden points;
  • rounded Tynex bristles no trauma, antibacterial and last longer;
  • made in Italy 100% produced and made in Italy with the best materials.

How to use

For proper oral hygiene, the toothbrush should be used after each meal, from top to bottom and vice versa for at least 2 minutes. The bristles normally maintain an acceptable elasticity for about 2 months, after which it is recommended to replace the toothbrush.


Pack of 1 toothbrush + head cover.