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Pharmacy Loreto Gallo offers a huge catalogue of products and accessories for babies and children, ideal for ensuring your little ones' hygiene and safety. Among the items we have selected, you will find, for example, sterilisers, ultrasonic anti-mosquito devices, accessories for the cot, the bedroom and the bathroom, bottle warmers and many other products. Discover them all and buy them at the best price online!


For obvious reasons, everything that comes into contact with a baby's mouth should always be checked and chosen with care, starting from the bottle: there are various types and they must be chosen according to the size and shape and, of course, also according to the age and month of the infant.
In our shop you will also find all accessories and electrical appliances for feeding such as bottle warmers and sterilisers of different brands and sizes. We also have a wide range of microwave sterilisers, for more practical use: this type of steriliser (for bottles, dummies, etc.), also comes in very small sizes and is therefore easy and convenient to transport.
For mothers who experience problems breastfeeding, in our shop they can choose between different types of breast pump.


In addition to the large devices mentioned above, in our shop you can also buy everyday products such as dummies and their associated sterilisers, ultrasonic mosquito systems, accessories for the cot, bedroom, bath and everything that has to do with the world of babies and children.

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