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Pharmacy Loreto Gallo offers a wide choice of the best organic and natural foods that are ideal to help you follow healthy and balanced diet to enhance your wellbeing. Organic foods including pasta, rice, cereals, condiments, beverages, and also biscuits, snacks, nuts and jams, offer ideal nutrition for adults and children, thanks to their natural and healthy ingredients. Take advantage of our offers and buy them online!

What is meant by natural and organic foods?

When we talk about natural and organic foods, we generally refer to products that have some main characteristics and that comply with certain guidelines.
Simply put, we define a food as organic when:

  • its ingredients are grown without the aid of chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilisers
  • no genetically modified organisms are used
  • no preservatives, colourants or similar are used
  • the land on which they are grown is treated with natural components, such as manure and vegetable fertilisers, and must never have been subjected to the use of other chemical substances in the past.

Organic farming has various aims and purposes, such as preserving the soil from the use of artificial and chemical substances, the production of natural foods and ingredients, and also limiting and reducing energy consumption


Pharmacy Loreto Gallo has a wide range of natural and organic products that you can find in this section suitable for all meals and dishes. We have a wide range of pasta and rice for pasta dishes, salt, cereals of all kinds, vegetable preparations, as well as seasonings to flavour dishes such as oil, butter and vinegar.
We also have a well-stocked range of beverages, among which you will find beers, wines, juices and other drinks.


In the sweets section, you will find a wide range of organic products for breakfast and snacks. Start your day on the right foot, with a rich but healthy breakfast of organic milk, rusks, biscuits, plumcakes and various snacks that are always natural and organic. A wide choice of jams and dried fruit.

At our pharmacy, you will find all the organic products you need online, for adults and children!

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