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Pharmacy Loreto Gallo offers a wide selection of high quality, comfortable and durable children's shoes, available in different sizes and models. Browse our catalogue and choose the shoes that best suit the needs of your children!

The importance of play for children

Play has a very important key role throughout the growth of children, from the first months of life, and precisely for this reason we have selected a variety of items and games suitable also for babies, such as rattles, music boxes, plush toys and play mats, that, thanks to their bright colours and sounds, stimulate the development of the senses in the baby.

Over the following months, the baby interacts more and more with the objects around him or her, tending to put them in their mouth, and therefore in this phase of life we recommend games such as teething rings and plush toys, for play in total safety. From the third month onwards, the baby is increasingly active and lively and prefers colourful toys that emit sounds and noises.

After the first year, the child learns to walk and thus the choice of games expands: in our catalogue you can find riding toys, and games for the association and knowledge of shapes, colours and animals.

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