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Hands and Feet


The health of your feet and hands is important too! Our online pharmacy offers a wide selection of products for hand and foot care that, in addition to ensuring their wellbeing, also guarantee their hygiene and beauty. Among the main products you can choose are fragrant and nourishing creams, deodorants, gentle smoothing scrubs and many accessories such as nail polishes, nail files, nail clippers, hand sanitisers and many other items. Discover our catalogue and buy at the best price online!


When we think about hand and foot care, we often make the mistake of thinking exclusively about aesthetics. In fact, we should also take into account their health, which often results (among many other things) in a beautiful appearance.

Like facial wrinkles, the hands, too, can be a giveaway for ageing and the state of health of the skin; for proper care it is always a good idea to keep them smooth and moisturised using the right cream to combat dehydration and cracking, as well as doing a weekly gentle scrub that will get rid of dead cell build-up.
For good-looking hands, we must not forget the nails: our pharmacy offers cosmetics and accessories such as nail polishes, nail files, scissors, nail clippers and much more, from the best brands.

Taking care of our hands also means keeping them clean: indeed, throughout the day, we touch many objects and we should therefore ward off germs and bacteria as far as possible with the help of non-harsh soaps and, the now famous, handbag sanitisers; among the best-known, we have, for example, "Amuchina Gel".


The feet literally support us all day long. Despite this, however, we often tend to neglect them and limit ourselves to hygiene.
In our shop, we offer a series of products and accessories to take the very best care of them and always have sandal-ready feet!
Like the hands, the feet also need moisturisation, especially in the heel area and here too we can make use of scrubs, callus removers, deodorants, special patches and much more.

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