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At Pharmacy Loreto Gallo you will find the best diagnostic tools for home use, useful for constant monitoring and control of your health. Within our catalogue you can choose between different diagnostic tests and various highly reliable and accurate meters, such as blood glucose or cholesterol measurement devices, pregnancy tests, drug tests and many other items and accessories such as disposable containers for stool and urine samples. Find out more: take a look at our online catalogue!


Regular blood tests or other check-ups, as well as self-monitoring, especially in the case of specific diseases, play an important role in monitoring your health. Here you can find many tests and accessories that allow you to diagnose or monitor different diseases, such as the best devices on the market for measuring blood glucose, tests to check cholesterol, glucose or tests to measure the amount of insulin in the blood. For urine and stool analysis, on the other hand, disposable urine or faeces containers are provided, sterilised and ready for immediate use.

Women will find a wide range of pregnancy tests, which are practical to use, safe and accurate to be sure whether you are pregnant and get ready to welcome your baby.

Also in our catalogue are drug tests to detect the presence of traces of narcotic substances in the urine with their associated test strips. All the tests are easy to use and offer very quick and accurate results, taking only a few minutes to perform.

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