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Low-calorie food

Discover a wide selection of low-calorie foods, perfect for a healthy and balanced diet without sacrificing flavour and taste. Pharmacy Loreto Gallo offers a wide range of diet foods and meal replacements that are ideal for losing weight and getting back in shape. Choose from bars, snacks, biscuits, pasta, drinks, sweets and many other low-calorie foods. Buy them online: discover our offers.


 Low-calorie foods are diet foods that allow people who want to lose weight quickly and healthily to adopt a varied diet that is low in calories without compromising on taste. Compared to other foods, they allow for a lower consumption of calories but they simultaneously leave you feeling full, providing the right energy levels, as well as all the protein, vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.
We at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo have dedicated an entire section of our online shop to low-calorie foods to allow those who wish to lose weight to choose from a very long list of carefully selected diet products to quickly get back in shape.


The intake of foods that are low in calories but able to guarantee sufficient protein intake and all other necessary nutrients is the ideal way to to lose weight faster, in a healthy manner, without having to go hungry.
On our site you are sure to find everything you need. Biscuits, cornflakes and rusks or gluten-free cocoa and fruit brioches for a tasty, low-calorie breakfast. For a light and tasty pasta dish, you will find diet pasta, ideal for those who want to eliminate excess pounds but simply cannot go without pasta. You will find it in different formats and with various condiments, such as our tagliatelle with spinach, a low-calorie alternative to classic pasta dishes, but rich in fibre and able to leave you feeling full without putting on weight.

We also offer geniune diet meal replacements. What are they? They are nutrient-rich but low-calorie preparations that can be used once a day to replace a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and to enrich a varied and balanced diet. They can be purchased in the form of biscuits, snacks, creams, bars, sandwiches and powders to be blended with water and drinks.

There are also food supplements for athletes, crackers, rusks and sugar-free jams for a great snack and, to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, we offer chocolate bars, sweets and vanilla and cocoa creams.

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