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Orthopedics and comfort for the person

In this section you can choose from numerous orthopaedic products for your comfort and wellbeing. The selected items are useful for gradually regaining your fitness following trauma, accidents or minor injuries such as fractures and sprains. Take a look at our catalogue and discover all our orthopaedic health products: you can choose from elastic bands, corsets, braces, cuffs, neck collars, catheters, urine bags, and pillows, as well as compression stockings and socks, absorbent pads, nappies and so on. Take advantage of the online promotions of Pharmacy Loreto Gallo.


Often, due to accidents of various kinds, we are obliged to make use of certain orthopaedic products that help us to gradually recover our fitness.
After a leg injury, such as a fracture or sprain, it is good to adopt certain tools when you get up and start walking for the first time after the accident: in this case you may make use of crutches, which, perfectly adjusted to your height, help you take those steps and not overexert the injured part of the leg.
Furthermore, in line with any issues you may have, you may need, for example, post-operative elastic bands, back braces, special knee pads, cuffs, neck collars and much more.

In addition, in the event of illness that requires the patient to stay in bed, in our pharmacy you will find everything you need both for the person and bed accessories, such as urine bags, catheters, pillows, etc.

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