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Diet plays a very important role in keeping the body healthy not only for humans, but also for animals. Our 4-legged friends, in fact, are very delicate and some foods could be harmful and undermine their health and wellbeing. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to carefully choose what food we give to our dogs and cats, opting for high-quality foods. Within this category you can choose from numerous food supplements for dogs and cats ideal for hair and dental care, kibbles, pâtés, treats available in different flavours, and complementary feeds ideal for the wellbeing of pets. Take care of your dog or cat's diet and prevent the onset of diseases and disorders: buy online on Pharmacy Loreto Gallo to get the best animal feed!


As for man, so for animals: good health derives mainly from a healthy and appropriate diet. Indeed, animals should hardly ever eat our own food, sometimes because it is harmful to their intestines, and at others because it could cause damage over the long term.
In case you aren't aware, there is, in fact, a long list of apparently harmless foods that, for dogs for example, are absolutely harmful and that should never be eaten. These foods include chocolate and sweet foods in general, grapes, nuts, drinks and alcoholic substances, or condiments such as garlic and onion, savoury foods (e.g. pasta that has been cooked in salt water), mushrooms and much more. The same goes for the cat and all the other animals.
Precisely so as not to run into substances unsuitable for animals, we should always choose foods created specifically for them, such as kibbles (to be chosen according to age and weight), wet foods (pâtés, treats and so on) etc.

Furthermore, it is not only the health and prevention of certain animal diseases that depends on the right diet, but much more, such as the health of the hair, which, thanks to a correct diet, will appear strong and shiny, and, not to be underestimated, the health of the teeth.

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