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Foods for infants

The nutritional needs of infants and children are very different from those of adults and, for this very reason, require extra care and attention. In this category of our online pharmacy you will find the best food products for babies and children. In our catalogue, you will find many top-quality products, including powdered milk, blended foods, pastries, biscuits, baby food and many other foods that are also useful during the weaning phase. For the proper nutrition of your child, choose the infant foods available at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo!


From the first months of life, up to about a year, the increase in weight and height are fundamental factors to be able to ascertain whether the nutritional conditions of the baby are good or not.
Breastfeeding is always considered the optimal choice for feeding the baby, since breast milk contains all the necessary nutritional factors, such as proteins, oligosaccharides, enzymes, vitamins and much more, without forgetting that breast milk contains many antibacterial agents that help protect the baby against certain infections.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding is not always possible (due to many and different factors), and, for this reason, to provide the baby with all the nutrition they need, it is necessary to make use of artificial milk.
Artificial milk powder replicates breast milk as far as possible, and at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo online you can find a wide choice among the best brands on the market such as Neolatte, Humana, Plasmon, Novalac, Mellin and so on at favourable prices and often on special offer.

At the age of about 6 months, one of the main phases of a child's life begins: weaning. After a period of exclusive milk feeding, the first solid foods start to be introduced, and with them new smells, flavours and textures.
At this stage, of course, a healthy diet is essential: in our online shop you can find all the products for the proper nutrition of your baby: blended foods, pasta, snacks, biscuits, rice and much more.

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