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Coeliac disease sufferers need to change their diet and eat gluten-free foods, starting with breakfast. We at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo have created a delicious online pantry suitable for people with coeliac disease that's full of delicious gluten-free biscuits, great for starting the day with a tasty gluten-free breakfast.

Discover our extensive catalogue of delicious gluten-free biscuits for people with coeliac disease, ideal to eat for breakfast or to treat yourself to a sweet snack. Discover all the flavours of gluten-free biscuits from the best brands: especially for you, we have selected chocolate, yoghurt, almond and many others for people intolerant to gluten or suffering from coeliac disease. Buy them online at the best price!


As well as pasta, bread, pizza and desserts, gluten-free biscuits offer a boost of breakfast energy for coeliac sufferers with no compromise on flavour. Pharmacy Loreto Gallo has carefully selected a wide range of gluten-free biscuits to suit all tastes: from chocolate amaretti to rice shortbread, from cocoa wafers to coconut and even yoghurt-flavoured biscuits.

Don't miss out on Pharmacy Loreto Gallo promotions: trust our gluten-free biscuits for a delicious breakfast!

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