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At Pharmacy Loreto Gallo you can find a wide selection of products to care for your hair's health and beauty. Our catalogue consists of numerous products ideal for nourishing oily hair, dry hair, hair with dandruff, grey hair, damaged hair or colour-treated hair. In our online pharmacy you will find many shampoos, conditioners, lotions, masks, dyes and specific treatments ideal to meet all of your hair's needs. Buy them at the lowest price on the web.


When it comes to the care and wellbeing of our body, we often overlook and neglect one of the most important parts: our hair. In fact, often we simply grab the first product we find on the supermarket shelf, with absolutely no regard for what our skin and hair really need.

Indeed, when we choose a product, for many as trivial as shampoo, we have to take many factors into account. We must first understand the nature of our hair and therefore what treatment it needs.


Below, we list the main hair types and suitable treatments for washing and care.

  • Oily hair: many people, more than you might think, have oily skin and hair, but if cleaned and cared for in the right way it is practically impossible to notice. Those with oily hair have nothing but an excess of sebum, which often requires a daily hair wash. In this case, we must opt for non-harsh products that regulate sebum production, keeping it in check. There is also no point in avoiding touching your hair often and overdoing it with oils and conditioners.
  • Dry hair: having dry hair often goes hand in hand with having frizzy hair. The main causes are related to our body, to the external environment and often also to using the wrong products. We always opt for non-harsh shampoos specifically designed for this issue, as well as reducing the frequency of washing and the use of hairdryers and straighteners.
  • Hair with dandruff: dandruff, that annoying white powder that settles in the skin, is caused by a fungus that causes imbalances in the scalp. It may be due to both the famous seborrheic dermatitis and the use of excessively harsh brushes and products. To counteract it, there are anti-dandruff products and shampoos on the market that, although not solving the problem definitively, help considerably in the fight against dandruff
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