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Contraception and prophylaxis


In this category dedicated to contraception, you will find many male and female contraceptives and various products for the sexual wellbeing of women, men and couples in general. Our online pharmacy offers different erotic toys, vibrators and stimulators, gels and lubricants, condoms from the best brands such as Durex and Control, available in different types, flavours, colours and sizes. Prolong your sexual pleasure, choose contraception items at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo.


We offer a very wide range of beneficial products. It starts with traditional condoms in natural rubber latex, which are transparent, lubricated and have the typical reservoir shape, ensuring a high degree of protection. Then you have - in different sizes - the Comfort XL or Easy-on condoms, offering a better fit and therefore easy to wear and simultaneously guaranteeing safe and comfortable sex.
Those in search of a more intense pleasure experience can instead opt for delaying condoms, which, thanks to the presence of a special lubricant, help prolong sexual pleasure, or they can opt for thin or extra-thin condoms, designed to maximise sensitivity during intercourse without neglecting safety and resistance. In addition to the different types, you can choose from various sizes, flavours and colours.

We also offer female contraceptive methods, available in different types.
You also can find erotic stimulators that can be used to give yourself moments of pleasure alone or as a tool to make sex as a couple more engaging and to stimulate his and her fantasies. In this category, you can choose between different vibrators, vibrating rings and clitoral stimulators for an intense, pleasure-filled sexual experience.

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