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Privilege Card


2,00 € voucher 2500 points

6,00 € voucher 5000 points

18,00 € voucher 10000 points

40,00 € voucher 20000 points

80,00 € voucher 30000 points

180,00 € voucher 50000 points

Earn loyalty points, get the bonus credit and discover the best savings!

Privilege Card will be applied automatically to every single online purchase. Your points will be applied directly to your basket before you finalize your order.

Sign in with the same email address, since the loyalty points are automatically added on it.

Once you have chosen to use our vouchers, fill in the form below. You will get a confirmation email within few hours informing you that the bonus has been credited to your account and you will be offered a discount on your next purchase. 

Holder of VAT number are not eligible for Privilege Card. 

The expiration date of the points is 31/12/202. All of your points will be invalid after they expire.


In order to request a Privilege Card, go to the Account section and click on “Your Loyalty Point”.