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Regularly washing pets and keeping them clean is very important not only for their health, but also for our wellbeing. Our catalogue offers a wide selection of products for the grooming of dogs and cats, including shampoos, detergents, brushes, refreshing wipes and other items for the care and hygiene of teeth, ears, paws and intimate parts of your 4-legged friend! Take a look at our catalogue and choose products for cleaning dogs and cats!


Keeping our four-legged friend clean is important not only for it, but also for us, as the house would also be affected by the dirt of our pets. Be careful though: let's not confuse fur shedding with dirt! Of course, we certainly do not like to find fur on sofas, chairs and cushions, but it is completely normal, as dogs and cats (and not only them) shed their fur in cycles, based on many factors: breed, season of the year, nutrition, age and lifestyle in general.

When we decide to bathe our animal at home it is important to understand that we must not use our own products on them: their skin is not like ours, but more sensitive and this requires the use of special products for animals; we are talking about shampoos, cleansing foams and dry cleaning products that must be carefully chosen according to the animal's fur type, age, etc. In addition to these, you can make use of cleansing and refreshing wipes and brushes. Do not forget about dental and ear hygiene: there are special products to keep teeth and ears nice and clean.

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