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Medication (Tools & Supplies)


Within this category you will find a large selection of first aid products for minor wounds, burns and muscle strains. Our catalogue offers different types of disinfectants, plasters, gauzes and many other items for the simple treatment and dressing of wounds and other injuries. Buy the best products online, only at Pharmacy Loreto Gallo!

Dressing devices: when to use them

At home, but also in the office, we should always have first aid products because they can be useful in times of emergency such as minor accidental injuries, burns, crush injuries, sudden muscle strains and many others.
In fact, having an emergency box is a good habit. Let's see what can be useful to have inside in the event of emergency episodes:

  • disinfectant: disinfectant should always be at hand, because in the event of falls or open wounds, it is necessary to disinfect the affected area before taking the next steps.
  • plasters and gauzes: after disinfecting the wound, a plaster can be applied: you will find them commercially available in all shapes and sizes, so as to better fit any area of the body. The various gauzes are also useful, depending on the extent of the problem.
  • ice: in the event of accidental falls, you can also apply ice, both to relieve pain and to prevent severe bruises and bumps.
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