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At Pharmacy Loreto Gallo you will find a wide selection of eye products and accessories, including glasses and daily, monthly, quarterly and annual contact lenses. We also have solutions for lenses, lens holders, reading and rest glasses and accessories for cleaning lenses. Browse our catalogue and receive the products directly to your home!

Contact lenses: choice, types and maintenance

For many people, wearing glasses is uncomfortable, especially during the summer or in the case of certain activities. Precisely for this reason, many people use contact lenses: much more comfortable and above all invisible.
There are different types of contact lenses, above all based on the usage time, including:

  • daily lenses, i.e. disposable lenses that do not require liquid solutions or treatments; they are applied in the morning and discarded in the evening
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. lenses. They should be used for a certain time limit from the moment they are opened and should be maintained and cared for daily with lens solutions and fluids.

Contact lenses should be chosen carefully, based on your daily activities, any eye problems and also any allergies you may have, how long you want to wear the lenses, your state of health and even your occupation. Your ophthalmologist plays an important role in the choice of lenses: they will be able to advise you on the right type of lenses for you.

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