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Accessories for Pets


In this section you will find the best accessories for animals, ideal to take care of your dog or cat and play with your 4-legged friends outdoors or at home! Within the category you can choose between different accessories of the highest quality, including collars and leashes, toys and chews, feeding bottles, refuse bags, sanitary napkins for animals and many other products. Discover all our online offers.


When we decide to adopt a dog, cat or any other animal into our family, we must be well aware that we are not acquiring a toy, but a living being that often, like children, needs a lot of care and attention. For example, the daily walk is a highly anticipated time of day for our four-legged friends. This time of day is absolutely essential, because the dog not only escapes from its home space but explores the area, has the opportunity to interact with other dogs and often waits for this opportunity to do his business. When you go for a walk with your dog, never forget the collar and leash (the law also says so), which ensure the safety of our friend and others, a bag and shovel to pick up after it, and possibly some wipes in the event of need.

Also remember that both puppies and adult animals love to play both alone and in company, so always keep a toy at hand.

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