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  • Adenosin Tricostimolin-A® DifaCooper 12 Vials 7ml -19%

Adenosin Tricostimolin-A® DifaCooper 12 Vials 7ml

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Adenosin Tricostimolin-A® DifaCooper Strengthening Hair Treatment

Cosmetic treatment of defluvium caused by hormonal, vascular, dietary and stress factors.

Its components integrate the supply of trace elements essential for the correct tropism of the hair and scalp.

They counteract the progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle and prevent oxidative stress by counteracting the formation of free radicals responsible for altering the microcirculation in the hair bulb. In addition to this, they strengthen the hair structure by promoting the action of Lysine and Cysteine, essential for keratinization of the hair, thus counteracting the growth of weak and damaged hair.

Ideal as an adjunct to the physiological regrowth of hair which intervenes on the main triggering factors of the non-pathological Defluvium (male and female): post-partum period, rigid slimming diets, stress, incorrect diet.

How to use

Apply a vial every other day, distributing the contents drop by drop, insisting on the thinnest areas and making it penetrate with a gentle massage.


Pack of 12 vials of 7 ml.