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Agrimony Guna Drops 10ml

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Agrimony Guna Drops Bach Flowers

Anxiety and torment hidden behind a mask of happiness


Anxiety and torment hidden behind a mask of joy.


Harmony / Openness


"I open myself with confidence to others and express harmony between my lights and my shadows"

Agrimony is the Bach flower corresponding to those who hide their torments behind a mask of joy.

By nature, the Agrimony type is inclined to create harmony in relationships because he is an always smiling "companion". We can say that Harmony is its innate resource. However, this attitude stems from the belief that in order to be loved by others, one must hide one's problems, one's concerns and avoid conflicts. This can lead the Agrimony type to anxious states with difficulty falling asleep, bruxism and a tendency to light or severe addictions (food, alcohol, smoking, shopping, television, gambling, drugs, ...) aimed at relieving unexpressed tension and torment.
Agrimony therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Opening, that is the ability to show oneself to others in one's own shadows as well as in one's own lights, the former being nothing more than the projection of the latter. In fact, it is not so much not showing worries that makes Agrimony really functional, but its ability to open up by showing its talent in harmonizing one's limits with one's own resources and in reducing difficulties while recognizing them as such.


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