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Albicansan D3 Sanum 10 Suppositories

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Albicansan D3 Sanum Homeopathic Remedy

Belonging to the range of isopathic and immunobiological medicines, it is indicated in case of eczema and mycosis.

Formulated with

Candida Albicans: stimulating and strengthening the cellular immune defenses through the T lymphocyte population, in particular it causes an isopathic effect due to the association of two phases of Candida Albicans, respectively the saprophytic phase of yeast and the parasitic fungal one. Therefore it is indicated in case of mycosis, secondary mycotic infections, skin diseases, mouth diseases such as stomatitis, gingivitis, canker sores; it is also used in states of mycosis of the urogenital tract such as vaginitis, urethritis and adnexitis.

How to use

It is recommended to insert 1 suppository a day in the anus before bedtime.


During pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period, ask your doctor for advice in advance.


Candida Albicans D3 200 mg., Lactose, mono-di-triglycerides.


Box with blister packs of 10 suppositories of 2g each.