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Allergy Plex 29 Guna Drops 30ml

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Allergy Plex 29 Guna Drops - Gluten Free Homeopathic Medicine

Preventive and symptomatic treatment of respiratory allergies (rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, sinusitis, asthma) and allergic oculo-rhinitis.

ALLERGY PLEX N.29 is a homeopathic medicine useful for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract and the mucous membranes of the respiratory system in case of respiratory allergies to seasonal pollen, mites and dust allergens, animal hair and dermatophagoids.

Allergy Plex are homeopathic complexes in which, in perfect balance, allergens of various kinds (food, vegetable, animal, mineral, synthetic and voluptuous origin) are combined with homeopathic remedies of constitutional support, homeopathic catalysts (for the restoration of blocked enzymatic activities), homeopathic remedies to support the most affected organs, homeopathic remedies for causal links, symptomatic and phytotherapeutic homeopathic remedies for accompanying therapy.

The product has a triple mechanism of action: detoxification, drainage and desensitization towards allergens.

Thanks to its homeopathic and phytotherapeutic components, each Allergy Plex exerts a detoxification and drainage action; the organotherapeutic components support the target organs and stimulate the immune system; the isopathic components, due to their action as neutralizers and specific antidotes, induce desensitization mechanisms; finally, the symptomatic homeopathic remedies immediately modulate the annoying allergic symptomatology, and the constitutional homeopathic remedies work in depth, on the patient's terrain.

Thanks to its antidote and neutralizing action, Guna Allergy Plex n 29 induces the mechanism of desensitization from allergens, which makes it an excellent preventative of allergic symptoms. The component of symptomatic homeopathic remedies acts on the symptoms of the acute phase, attenuating them:

  • Allium cepa and Histaminum are useful in allergic colds with burning nasal discharge and profuse rhinorrhea;
  • Euphrasia decongests the conjunctivae and soothes ocular burning and itching;
  • Ambra and Arsenicum album are excellent decongestants of the mucous membranes and work on the suppurative phases;
  • Cinnabaris is the best remedy for sinusitis with severe congestion and pain.


Allim cepa D6 / 9, Ambra D10 / 12, Arsenicum album D10 / 12/15/20, Cinnabaris D8, Euphrasia D6 / 9, Histaminum 7/9/12 CH, Solidago D6 / 9, in 4/6/8/10 / 12/15/18/20/28/30 CH: hay, house dust, dermatophagoids, dandruff, pollen of various origins, flour mite and hay dust

Contains 30% alcohol.

Recommendations for use

Take 20 drops twice a day, away from meals, starting 2 months before the presumed allergic manifestation, for 60/90 consecutive days.
In children under 6 years give 10 drops. Can also be used during pregnancy.
In the acute phase it can be taken several times a day in the measure of 15-20 drops at a time, between meals.


Bottle of 30 ml

Cod. AP29