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Amara Pascoe Drops 50ml

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Amara Pascoe Drops - Dietary Supplement

Pascoe Amara drops is a food supplement useful in cases of hypochlorhydria, stomach heaviness, gastritecronic. It is useful in cases of digestive difficulties, inappetence, dyspeptic disorders and diarrhea.


Gentiana lutea root tincture; cinchona bark leaf extract; artemisia absinthium plant tincture; cinnammum zeylanicum bark tincture.


Gentian: it is known for its aperitif, stomachic, tonic, vermifuge and febrifugal properties. Contains bitter glycosides, pectins, vitamin C. It is notoriously used to stimulate digestive function and appetite, in cases of stomach weakness, flatulence, in convalescence.

Cinchona yellow: it is known for its bitter-tonic, digestive, antimalarial and febrifugal properties. Contains alkaloids, tannins and quinotannic acids which confer tonic properties to it. It is useful in dyspepsia and in cases of inappetence.

Roman wormwood: it is known for its digestive, antiseptic, emmenagogic, stimulating, tonic, vermifuge virtues. Contains essential oil, absintin, flavonoids, resins, tannins, nitrates, acids. It is useful in case of inappetence, dyspepsia, digestive difficulties, convalescence.

Cinnamon: it is known for its astringent, stimulating, stomachic, tonic, digestive, antispasmodic properties. Contains essential oil, tannins, starch, catechins.

How to use

20 drops 1–3 times a day, in a little warm water, before meals.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.


Bottle drops of 50 ml.