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Anacardium Orientale 9Ch BOIRON® Granules

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Anacardium Orientale 9Ch BOIRON® Granules

The homeopathic remedy Anacardium Orientale is obtained from the mother tincture of the dried juice obtained from the fruit of the homonymous plant.

It exerts its main action on the nervous system (mental sphere), on the digestive system and on the skin. It is also a remedy used in case of spasms (sudden and involuntary contractions) of muscles or organs.

Anacardium Orientale is mainly used in the following cases:

  • memory loss, fear of not remembering what you have learned, headaches;
  • heartburn that subsides with meals;
  • gastric pain at night;
  • psychic irritability and impetuosity of mood even for futile reasons;
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • stress;
  • phobias;
  • dementia and mood problems;
  • blisters, pustules, burns and inflammation.

The remedy has organ specificity for the central nervous system and for the vegetative nervous system.

Phobias and homeopathic therapy

Anacardium Orientale is a homeopathic remedy that is often used for the treatment of phobias.
Phobia is an abnormal, irrational and persistent fear of situations, objects or people that do not represent a real threat to the person's safety, but which generate in the phobic a very strong state of anxiety and the need to avoid the object of his fear. The phobic subject, despite being aware of the irrationality of his phobia, is unable to dominate it.

The phobic subject usually "moves" to an external element what generates fear or deep anguish inside him. Phobias, in fact, manifest themselves with anxious symptoms that often approach those that appear in panic attacks: for this reason psychiatry includes them among the anxiety disorders.

Those who suffer from phobias typically implement strategies to avoid all those situations or conditions that may trigger their fear. Not facing your fears progressively decreases the confidence in your resources, triggering a vicious circle from which it becomes difficult to get out.

The constitutional type Anacardium Orientale

The Anacardium oriental types are mostly individuals unable to carry out intellectual work, with “mnemonic” deficits, with psychic depression and low self-confidence. They are mentally weak and fragile, indecisive, with contradictory impulses. They feel the sensation of having many enemies and their phobias pour into sleep generating distressing dreams.

Here are their clinical features:

These symptoms include: headache, inferiority complex, depression, behavioral disturbances, eczema, gastritis, paranoia, skin reaction from contact with Rhus Tox or Rhus Vernix, schizophrenia, manic-depressive syndrome, peptic ulcer.

Mental symptoms

Among the mental symptoms we find: intellectual fatigue, memory disturbances, bulimia of the obese, exhaustion after sexual excesses, schizophrenia, tendency to split personality, sense of inferiority, cruelty, feelings of loss of self-esteem and devaluation, hardness-anger-violence towards people or animals, desire to prove oneself, desire to curse and curse, depression with a tendency to suicide, fear of failure, fear that someone is inside, indecision, tendency to abuse alcohol and drugs, lack of moral values , sensation of a band around a single area of the body.

Local symptoms

The following are the local symptoms:

  • head and neurological system: severe disturbances of the nervous system and memory, sudden memory loss for the names of nearby objects, schizophrenia, severe headache aggravated by mental effort;
  • skin: vesiculo-pustular and phylittenular eruptions;
  • gastrointestinal tract: stomach pains at the end of digestion which are calmed down by eating, but return two hours later, colic in the periumbilical region, tenesmus with difficult defecation, inertia of the rectum;
  • urogenital system: hyper-sexuality.

This person's symptoms worsen with intellectual work and on an empty stomach. Instead, they improve on a full stomach (headaches also improve on a full stomach and / or eating).


GRANULES in 4g MULTIDOSE container (80 granules approx.)