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  • Angioton® Gel Cream GD 100ml -3%

Angioton® Gel Cream GD 100ml

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Angioton® Gel Cream GD Enriched With Sweet Clover And Red Vine

Treatment with Angioton Cream Gel gives relief in case of:

  • heaviness and pain in the lower limbs
  • telangiectasias
  • edema of any origin, from trauma and fractures, from disuse, from partial or total lymphadenectomy, from mastectomy
  • superficial skin imperfections

Used together with the tablets it is a valid adjuvant also in the aesthetic-cosmetic treatment of:

  • cellulite
  • water retention

The beneficial results are obtained in a few days of treatment: the legs regain relief, lightness and tone in a completely natural way.

Leaves the skin with a renewed sensation of freshness and tone.

It is easily absorbed, does not stain, does not grease and does not dry the skin.


100 ml tube packaging.