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Angioton Plus Retard 30cpr

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Angiotorn Plus Retard


Indicated in the symptomatology of venous insufficiency and lymphatic stasis. It improves the permeability of capillaries and increases their resistance, favors the absorption of primary and secondary lymphoedemas. It can be useful in case of trauma, sprains, strains, bruises, fractures and in disuse conditions. It is a valid aid in the fight against cellulite. Gluten free.

Dosage and method of use
1 tablet per day or according to doctor's advice.

Due to the presence of bioflavonoids, do not take the product during pregnancy.

Rutina; melilotus officinalis; vaccinium myrtillus; aésculushippocastanus; C vitamin; gotu kola; ananassa sativa; Vitamin E; vitamin PP; bioflavonoids.

Carton containing blister packs of 30 tablets.

Cod. 830