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  • Anti Age Stress Guna Granules 4g -8%

Anti Age Stress Guna Granules 4g

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Anti Age Stress Guna Granules - Gluten Free Homeopathic Medicine

Chronic Stress Syndrome
Anxious syndromes

Homeopathic medicine in granules indicated for the biological therapy of stress and its main manifestations: disturbances in eating behavior (hypo or hyperalimentation), overexcitation, affective-emotional reactions (sadness, irritability, depression, poor concentration, etc.), sleep disturbances and drowsiness during the day, loss of appetite, asthenia, memory disturbances, amenorrhea (the increased levels of CRH, ACTH and cortisol caused by stress inhibit GN-RH and LH), muscle tension, weakening of the immune defenses.
Its mechanism of action is expressed through the control of the Neurovegetative Nervous System and the reprogramming of the neuroendocrine axis, in particular thanks to the presence of specific pig organotherapy and melatonin in scalar dilutions; Its field of action is vast: both symptomatic (anxiolytic, anti-stress, mood stabilizer) and anti-degenerative (anti-free radical and cerebral anti-degenerative action).

Gluten-free granules.

How to use

5 granules morning and evening. Acute: 5 granules every 20 minutes for no more than 2 hours. Oral use.


Ballota nigra D3, Citrus aurantium D3, Cortex cerebralis suis 4CH / 7CH, Thalamus suis 7CH, Ventriculus suis 7CH, Plexus solaris suis 7CH, Sporobolomyces griseus D8, Penicillium notatum D8, Melatonin 4CH / 15CH, GCSF 4CH, Interferon gamma 5CH 5CH / 7CH / 9CH / 15CH, Argentum nitricum 9CH, Kalium carbonicum 9CH, Lithium D8, Adrenalinum 9CH / 15CH, N-acetylcistein 4CH, Glutathion 4CH. Excipients: sucrose.


4 g granule tube.