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Arnica Montana 200k Boiron Granules

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Arnica Montana 200k Boiron Homeopathic Remedy In Granules

Arnica montana is a perennial plant of the Composite family, which grows mainly in mountain pastures. The fresh plant is used.

Venous indications

Capillary fragility, bruises or bruises at the slightest trauma, eruptions with the appearance of purple bruises, tendency to varicose veins which are painful and sensitive to fatigue, bleeding, acute haemorrhoidal accesses. Indicated in cases of light and moderate bleeding. Arnica also plays a protective role on the arteries in hypertensive and coronary arteries and, essentially, has a vasoprotective action in all cases of cardiovascular fatigue.

Musculoskeletal indications

Post-traumatic arthritis, rheumatism, physical exertion, any type of trauma both local and general, lumbosciatalgia from exertion characterized by a sense of contusion, painful stiffness, contracture, edema, muscle fatigue resulting from heavy work. Arnica acts on muscles that are hypertrophied, for example the athlete's heart following continuous and prolonged effort. Symptoms improve with rest and worsen with minimal contact and movement.

Psychological indications

Arnica is a valid remedy for psychological trauma, it relieves the harmful effects of a bereavement, a very intense emotion or a strong fright, feeling of being a victim of a trauma without any cause.

Worsening and improvement of symptoms in particular circumstances

Symptoms worsen with the slightest contact, with shocks, movement and damp cold and improves with rest and lying down with the head lower than the body.


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