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For the natural prevention of aging of the arterial wall and control of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Dosage and method of use
1 capsule per day or according to doctor's advice.

Based on active components such as allium sativum, policosanols, cucurbita pepo, ginkgobiloba, vitamins C and E, which play an important role in preventing and blocking the toxic and harmful action of free radicals, including that exerted on the structure of the arterial wall. The arterial wall, once attacked, is a source of disorders that lead to both peripheral and central circulation difficulties. The control of these disorders has as a direct response the improvement of the perfusion of the tissue systems. It prevents and / or counteracts the aging of arteries, since it plays a fundamental role on lipid and non-lipidic factors that regulate atherosclerotic evolution, the aging of arteries. Gluten free.

For the presence of ginkgo biloba, if you are taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs, consult your doctor before taking the product. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Allium sativum; policosanols; cucurbit pepo; ginkgo biloba; C vitamin; Vitamin E.

Carton containing blister packs of 30 capsules.

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