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  • Bach Centaury Guna Flowers 10ml -16%

Bach Centaury Guna Flowers 10ml

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Bach Centaury Guna Flowers - Natural Remedy


Difficulty saying no, anxious to please others


Generosity / Assertiveness


"I affirm and respect myself for generously offering my service to others"

Centaury is the Bach Flower corresponding to those who are unable to say no, as they are anxious to please others.
By nature, the Centaury type is prone to being very helpful, quiet, and kind. We can say that Generosity is its innate resource. However, this attitude stems from the belief that to please others it is necessary to offer oneself without ever denying one's help. This can lead to the Centaury type becoming subservient and exhausting their energy in the eagerness to help others.
Centaury therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Assertiveness, that is, the ability to affirm oneself and protect one's resources, in full respect of others. In fact, it is not so much never saying no that makes Centaury really interesting, as his ability to express his willingness to help others, showing his talent for being generous to himself as well as to others.


10ml vial.