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  • Bach Flowers Aspen Guna 10ml -30%

Bach Flowers Aspen Guna 10ml

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Bach Aspen Guna Flowers - Natural Remedy


  • Vague and indefinite fears, unpleasant presentiments
  • Receptivity / Centering


“I can close the doors of my senses just as I am able to open them. I go back to my center and take root firmly in Mother earth. "
Aspen is the Bach flower corresponding to those who, being very sensitive and receptive, have a presentiment of something terrible and experience inexplicable and indefinite fears of which they do not like to talk about.
The Aspen type perceives before the others the looming of some danger or threat by catching in advance the weak signals. We can say that Receptivity is its innate resource. Indeed, in emergency situations it is an advantage to catch the first signs of danger.
Aspen therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Centering, that is the ability to take root, remaining firmly stable on one's physical, emotional and spiritual center of gravity. In fact, it is not so much the fact of feeling vague fears that makes Aspen dysfunctional, but its tendency to overreact to the slightest signs of a hypothetical danger, even when this is not really such or does not constitute a concrete threat. The qualities of receptivity, adequately balanced by a sure centering, can instead make the Aspen type a precious and sensitive companion.


10ml vial.