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  • Bach Flowers Cherry Plum Guna 10ml -25%

Bach Flowers Cherry Plum Guna 10ml

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Bach Flowers Cherry Plum Guna - Natural Remedy



Fear of losing control.


Instinctiveness / Mastery


“I express my instincts when needed, but I am master and teacher of it, at my will. Since I have everything under control, I can lose control! "

Cherry Plum is the Bach flower corresponding to those who fear losing reason and control by acting in an undesirable way in a state of nervous tension.

The Cherry Plum type feels the need to stay in control of situations because they tend to act impulsively. We can say that Instinctivity is its innate resource. In fact, there are situations in which, the emergency, requires to act quickly and instinctively, since there is no time to think. Let's think, for example, that we have to avoid a car that is coming towards us. Instinctivity becomes dysfunctional when it is perpetuated in a habitual state following the fact that it has helped us to survive, in fact, an important trauma.
Cherry Plum therefore invites us to develop the virtue of Mastery, that is, the ability to be masters of one's instincts. In fact, it is not so much the fact of acting on instinct that makes Cherry Plum satisfactory, as its tendency to repeat this strategy at every slightest stress, even when it is not adequate. On the other hand, instinct mastered properly can make the Cherry Plum type fascinating.


10ml vial.